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Antminer T9+ Overclock Firmware Installation

Release Version: 3.9.0
Size: 17.3 MB
DevFee: 2%
Build Date: 11/30/2021
SHA1: a6ffa983b56c3929d19db5882f6c4c1e114d4104
MD5: ac11d6e905522da3e5a2bea3b2cfe46a
Filename: Antminer-T9plus-xilinx-3.9.0-cryptomine.tar.gz

SD Recovery Program For T9+

Size: 74.8 MB


CRYPTOMINE Antminer T9+ firmware is free to use and will drastically improve the efficiency of your miners. Our development fee is 2% – thank you for your support!

Installing Antminer T9+ Firmware (Version 3.9.0)

Tools Required:

  • The MicroSD card recommended capacity of less than 16GB. Larger capacity MicroSD cards are not recommended as they are very susceptible to errors.
  • A computer running Windows XP or later
  • Card reader

Flashing Instructions:

  1. Remove control board from miner assembly.
  2. Know your control board model and enable it to flash using the SD card. (See three types of control boards explanation below)
  3. Insert MicroSD card into computer and format to FAT32.
  4. Unzip the downloaded and copy the contents to the MicroSD card.
  5. Insert the MicroSD card into the card slot on the control board
  6. Power on the control board. Allow at least 90 seconds for the files to load automatically. When loaded, the red and green indicator lights on the control board will blink.
  7. Power on the control board and access the miner interface. Go to the Upgrade page and Uncheck “Keep Settings”. Flash the firmware and run the miner for 20 minutes.

Antminer T9+ Overclock Firmware Advantages

  • Air Overclocking: 15.2TH
  • Liquid Overclocking: Up to 16TH
  • Hashrate maximum stability at 15.2 TH/s – with a small number of errors
  • Fast, safe and qualitative overclocking at optimized energy consumption
  • Reduce your consumption to 95W at 1TH in old models S9 / T9 and 35W at 1TH on new models S17 / T17-series, with stable operation
  • In just 2 minutes, the firmware is installed automatically on several thousand devices at once and configured automatically by cloning the settings with the workers identification numbers
  • The firmware is combined with monitoring programs, such as Awesome Miner, Anthill, minerstat and for your peace of mind
  • Our Antminer T9+ firmware has more than 150 configurable functions
  • Our T9+ firmware is aimed at no failure chip work, controlling its stable temperature without overheating
  • If the chips fail or some exceptions occur, the analysis of the problem is provided to find the best solution so your source of income doesn’t need
    your constant control as it works automatically
  • Thoroughly selected auto-profile options allow you to adapt the minor flexibility to changes of external temperature
  • Security: Our firmware defends your mining farm from malicious viruses
  • Minimum consumption of 37 W/TH in our firmware against 47 W/TH in the factory firmware
  • Our firmware performance is 50% higher compared to the factory

Our Antminer T9+ Presets:

[~8.3TH] [927W AB-OFF / 810W AB-ON]
[~8.7TH] [972W AB-OFF / 855W AB-ON]
[~9.2TH] [1025W AB-OFF / 900W AB-ON]
[~9.7TH] [1080W AB-OFF / 955W AB-ON]
[~10.1TH] [1170W AB-OFF / 1025W AB-ON]
[~10.7TH] [1225W AB-OFF / 1070W AB-ON]
[~11.0TH] [1310W AB-OFF / 1160W AB-ON]
[~11.5TH] [1370W AB-OFF / 1200W AB-ON]
[~12.0TH] [1470W AB-OFF / 1300W AB-ON]
[~12.5TH] [1520W AB-OFF / 1330W AB-ON]
[~13.0TH] [1620W AB-OFF / 1430W AB-ON]
[~13.4TH] [1680W AB-OFF / 1485W AB-ON]
[~13.8TH] [1800W AB-OFF / 1580W AB-ON]
[~14.3TH] [1910W AB-OFF / 1680W AB-ON]
[~14.7TH] [1970W AB-OFF / 1730W AB-ON]
[~15.2TH] [2040W AB-OFF / 1790W AB-ON]

Changelog By Version

Will be added shortly.

1) General stability.
2) Added the ability to choose between a full restart of the ASIC and the restart of only the cgmeiner in tune.
3) In addition to the automatic virus scanning system, Added manual scanning and disinfection in the Security section, including the new AntBuild virus. 4) Fixed connection to monitoring
5) Added the Find Miner function to the multiplier config to search for more miners at once.
6) Changed the format of downloading the log file in txt.
7) a new function "sleep mode" when it is turned on, mining stops and the fans go down to minimum speed. The function is available in the config multiplier.
8) Fixed the problem with DevFee error exit.

1) General stability.
2) Modified and changed the method of connecting to pools.
3) Added the function of mass password change in the config multiplier.
4) Added the function of mass change of Ssh port and mass shutdown of Ssh in the config multiplier.
5) Optimization of the firmware size.

1) Optimization of the program code.
2) Improved overall stability.
3) Fixed a bug when on some batches the ASIC did not connect to the pool.
2) Fixed a bug when the ASIC could freeze during auto tuning or when the timer was triggered.
3) Fixed installation and connection to Anthill service.
4) Optimization of the firmware file size, which could lead to the error: No space left on device.
5) The method of treating the new virus has been improved, which corrupts the recording files and does not allow flashing even through SSH.
6) A new subsection (security) has been added to it. A) Enable/Disable SSH server. B) Changing the port of the SSH server.

1) General stability.
2) Code optimization.
3) The function to find the miner.
4) We made a DevFee section, now everyone can choose the most suitable server in terms of ping and stability.
5) Added the function of multiplying the selected DevFee server to the multiplier config.
6) Fixed a bug when the miner could freeze when rebooting in the process of tuning.
7) Added support for BTC tools version
8) Fixed "ntpd" time synchronization when detecting and treating nightswitcher virus.
9) Modified and improved the launch and restart of cgminer (on some miners, it could restart 2 times in a row)

1) General stability.
2) Added output of consumption: error 50-100 watts.
3) Ability to set the minimum frequency in tune (200).
4) Added HW to cloning.
5) Added the ability to disable the timer (stage 3) in the profiles section.
6) Fixes for determining temperatures.
7) Automatic detection and treatment of nightswitcher virus.

1) General stability.
2) Refinement of AsicBoost.
3) The function of keeping the temperature on the chips (in case of strong temperature drops and freezing of the ASIC).
4) Modification of the multiplier config (it became possible when transferring the config):
a) Leave the chips unchanged.
b) Leave the blade and voltage settings unchanged.
c) Leave the profile unchanged.
d) Massively transfer the function of troubleshooting DevFee connection problems.
e) Mass transfer of quiet mode settings.
f) Bulk transfer of temperature hold settings.
5) Added a quiet fan mode when starting the miner (at your own peril and risk).
6) We made a conclusion of information about dead fans in our own log.
7) Fixed bugs when using Nicehash and improved #xnsub.
8) We did a fan check and added a 500-800 rpm limit (a situation when the rear fan is dead, but rotates due to the flow from the front at the minimum speed).
9) Redesigned the output of information when turned on. Immersion mode (designation in the miner status in the form of a snowflake, while it also shows the turnover if someone's fans are not filmed in a slurry).
10) Corrections of spelling errors and meanings in the web interface).
11) Put in order the descriptions of the profiles with the approximate consumption of AB-OFF / AB-ON and the output of information on overclocking or downvolt.
12) Added 4 new profiles for 18.5, 19, 19.5, 20th.
13) Added Spanish language.
14) Made updates to the Linux libraries.

1) Fixed log.
2) Added profile (new profile in config multiplier).
3) Fixed work of multiplier and patch for BTC tools.
4) Removed restart from the menu.

1) General stability.
2) Updating libraries for Hive os.
3) Added function -1 for HW.
4) Added #xnsub (write like this:
5) Added the ability to set a limit on reboots by the trigger when the boards are dumped (You can set the maximum number of reboots. The counter is reset after a reboot entirely or power off).
6) Reworked tune log, the maximum number of lines is 20, if more than 20 the oldest records are deleted.
7) The log can be saved to a file.
8) Added the function of exporting the configuration in the multiplier (for multiplying overclocking, downvolt, applying a profile through BTC Tools).
9) Added a new profile, frequency 700 voltage 8.6 (14.7th).
10) Added monitoring integration (see the monitoring section).
11) Refinement, operation of fans and temperature sensors.
12) Improvement of the destruction of the virus and elimination of infection version 3.7.6
13) Fixed error displaying online voltage in the absence of boards.

1) Stability.
2) Improvement associated with increasing the power supply when the Internet is turned off.
3) The voltage can now be changed on the fly (in the miner status section and in manual overclocking). P.S Settings are not saved! (Do not react to saving and pre-saving).
4) In API manual_fan_mode = false \ true.
5) Fixed the output of voltage in the API. chain_volt5, chain_volt6, chain_volt7 to chain_volt6, chain_volt7, chain_volt8. Similar to other parameters in the API.
6) Localization of the Arabic language.
7) Correction of the fans.

1) Fixed a bug of cleaning the log.
2) Fixed a critical bug in the multiplier configuration.

1) General stability.
2) Fixed a bug when ASIC could pour. HW
3) Added the HW tuner to the profiles section.
4) Removal of regional settings in a separate tab.
5) Corrections of translation errors.
7) Correction of minor bugs in the work with btc tools.
8) Improvement of the size of the log (so that it does not write that it is full).
9) A lot of work has been done in the config multiplier section (now it is in no way inferior to BTC TOOLS). The functionality has been expanded, the following features have been added:
- to propagate a config without changing workers.
- add hostname to existing workers.
- add ip addresses to existing workers.
- change the worker completely including the hostname.
- change the worker completely including the ip address.
- change pools and skip the required pools.

1) General stability.
2) General stability for p2p
3) Optimization of asicboost.
4) Full compatibility with the latest version of btc tools.
5) Fully compatible with the latest version of awesomeniner.
6) Added the function of viewing and editing chips by HW.
7) Optimized autotune and added a function to lower the chips that pour HW.
8) Added a reboot trigger by xxxx (you can manually select the number of x at which to send the ASIC to reboot).

1) Increased stability on p2p (it is increased and not completely resolved).
2) Fixed BUG display when there was a shift in the face in the absence of boards.
3) Improved stability of AsicBoost.
4) New output of no internet connection in log.
5) Removed old board definition values ​​from log, j6-j7-j8, now they are just 5,6,7.
6) Fixed BUG of fans, when ASIC miner did not stop mining in case of fan breakdown (on some models).
7) A new method of fan control has been implemented, in auto mode, as in stock.

1) Full transition to cgminer 4.11.1.
2) Completely redone the trigger on xp.
3) Built-in function of reloading into the trigger on hr when the hr average falls.
4) Built-in function of rebooting into the trigger on xp at xxxxx on the board.
5) The method of flashing the ASIC has been redesigned (now you do not need to sit on the tab and wait for the timer to pass).
6) Added output of the current version to the upper right corner.
7) Added online / offline status output.
8) Moving the monitoring tab to a separate menu.
8) Minor bug fixes.
9) Stable and tested version!!!
10) New config multiplier function (now you can transfer settings to any number of ASICs in almost 1 click.

1) Fixed a bug that caused the ASIC miner to freeze after an undefined operating time.
2) Added duplication of main buttons to the upper part of the web interface.
3) Added output of voltage to the paid section of chips.
4) Refinement of cgmeiner and complete separation of configs.
5) Full compatibility with BTC tools and other programs of this kind.
6) A new method for checking if the Internet is disconnected and the power of the ASIC miner is turned off, plus the output of all information to the log.
7) Modification of profiles and bug fixes (now the profiles should work correctly).
8) Added new profiles for Down Voltage, as well as in the drain frequency.
a) 10.5 TH/s
b) 11.8 TH/s
c) 12.9 TH/s
d) 13.5 TH/s
e) 14.0 TH/s

1) Fix displaying the log when it overflows with an error 500.
2) Fix the auto-tune timer when manually rebooting the ASIC.
3) There is a new function "online" status in the upper right corner, with the help of it you can determine whether there is a connection between the web muzzle and the ASIC.
4) New function of switching pools in real time!!! In the miner status section, you can click the button to go to this pool without changing the settings in the workers section.

1) Added a function for saving, you can configure the entire ASIC, and only then send it to reboot.
2) Corrections of DevFee's work, when after adding AsicBoost it went beyond the declared 1.8% fее.
3) Fixed a bug of constant reboots with information output to the dev pool exit log.
4) Added a new function in the general settings section, an alternative method for connecting DevFee for providers such as, when, in normal mode, in the status of fi, all the time dead.
5) Fixed TIMER, when in profile mode, upon reboot, the software began to fix the chips, instead of the hourly waiting time allotted for it.
6) Fixed reading of temperature when on some models of ASIC miners the readings went off scale for 100+ degrees.

1) Fix temperature sensors.

1) Fixed 61 chips in AsicBoots mode.
2) Fixed a bug, a sign (%) when allowing a space in workers.
3) Added a function for selecting manual temperature to turn off the ASIC.
4) Fix API freeze and Null config errors.

1) Fix diodes.
2) -1 orange.
3) Optimization of the timer in the profiles.

1) Fix reboots on 14 tx ASICs.
2) New script for hashpulse.
3) Stabilization of the work of Asik Boost.
4) Added 2 new profiles.
5) HW optimization.
6) Recycling bmminer.
8) Fixed option restart when XP crashes.
9) Fix for awesome miner when changing pools.
10) Fix fans.

1) Improved the stability of cgmainer.
2) New method of compiling the firmware.
3) Added timezone (useful for displaying autotune).
4) Added Russian localization, the firmware is fully translated into Russian.

1) Fixed display of CGMiner version in Overview on the main page.
2) Added field to "miner status" with voltage display.
3) Fixed incorrect display of frequencies from 850 to 1000 MHz for the 2nd board on the 3rd in the Profiles section.
4) Fixed backup to file in the Upgrade section.
5) Added buttons +1 in green, -1 in red, in the section for manual chip settings, for a fee. Only when manual mode is activated.
6) Added the function all chips to 0 (all to 0) in the manual chip settings section, for a fee. Only when manual mode is activated.
7) Added the ability to save and restore your custom profiles. It is active only when the manual mode is activated (the profile saves data, pools / workers, frequencies / voltages, manual settings of chips, auto tuner, etc.).
8) Added quick configuration of monitoring systems Hashpulse, HiveOS (beta) in separate tabs.

1) Optimization of the cgminer code 4.11.1.
2) Removed unused frequencies from the web interface that caused the miner to freeze when loading.
3) Updated API in cgmainer 4.11.1.
4) Fixes for XP in tools.
5) Refinement of integration with Miner Stats Box.
6) Integration of the firmware into the HIVE OS monitoring system.
7) Minor bug fixes for general stability.

1) Fixes for working with tool.
2. Corrections for working with monitoring miner stats box.
3. Corrections for the correct operation of the ASIC in the absence of 1 or 2 boards.
4. Refinement and optimization of the autotuner.

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