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Antminer T17+ Overclock Firmware Installation

Release Version: 2.0.4
Size: 16.2 MB
DevFee: 2%
Build Date: 11/30/2021
SHA1: 565e433e1fda743092b33e579d4234a231603ecd
MD5: 08f973a33d67fb7b89dce64c90688f48
Filename: Antminer-T17plus-2.0.4-cryptomine.tar.gz

SD Recovery Program For T17+

Size: 44.7 MB


CRYPTOMINE Antminer T17+ firmware is free to use and will drastically improve the efficiency of your miners. Our development fee is 2% – thank you for your support!

Installing Antminer T17+ Firmware (Version 2.0.4)

Tools Required:

  • The MicroSD card recommended capacity of less than 16GB. Larger capacity MicroSD cards are not recommended as they are very susceptible to errors.
  • A computer running Windows XP or later
  • Card reader

Flashing Instructions:

  1. Remove control board from miner assembly.
  2. Know your control board model and enable it to flash using the SD card. (See three types of control boards explanation below)
  3. Insert MicroSD card into computer and format to FAT32.
  4. Unzip the downloaded and copy the contents to the MicroSD card.
  5. Insert the MicroSD card into the card slot on the control board
  6. Power on the control board. Allow at least 90 seconds for the files to load automatically. When loaded, the red and green indicator lights on the control board will blink.
  7. Power on the control board and access the miner interface. Go to the Upgrade page and Uncheck “Keep Settings”. Flash the firmware and run the miner for 20 minutes.

Antminer T17+ Overclock Firmware Advantages

  • Air Overclocking: 84TH
  • Liquid Overclocking: Up to 100TH
  • Hashrate maximum stability at 85 TH/s – with a small number of errors
  • Fast, safe and qualitative overclocking at optimized energy consumption
  • Reduce your consumption to 95W at 1TH in old models S9 / T9 and 35W at 1TH on new models S17 / T17-series, with stable operation
  • In just 2 minutes, the firmware is installed automatically on several thousand devices at once and configured automatically by cloning the settings with the workers identification numbers
  • The firmware is combined with monitoring programs, such as Awesome Miner, Anthill, minerstat and for your peace of mind
  • Our Antminer T17+ firmware has more than 150 configurable functions
  • Our T17+ firmware is aimed at no failure chip work, controlling its stable temperature without overheating
  • If the chips fail or some exceptions occur, the analysis of the problem is provided to find the best solution so your source of income doesn’t need
    your constant control as it works automatically
  • Thoroughly selected auto-profile options allow you to adapt the minor flexibility to changes of external temperature
  • Security: Our firmware defends your mining farm from malicious viruses
  • Minimum consumption of 37 W/TH in our firmware against 47 W/TH in the factory firmware
  • Our firmware performance is 50% higher compared to the factory

Popular Antminer T17+ Modes:

55 TH/s – 2300 W (41 W-TH/s)
60 TH/s – 2700 W (45 W-TH/s)
70 TH/s – 3400 W (48 W-TH/s)
75 TH/s – 3700 W (49 W-TH/s)

Antminer T17+ Firmware:
55 TH/s – 2800 W (54 W-TH/s)

Changelog By Version

Will be added shortly.

1) General stability, optimization and revision of the main drivers.

2) Fixed incorrectly working profiles for the T17 model.

3) Fixed the translation to correctly display the Russian instructions.

4) Fixed a web server error when the miner could freeze during a long uptime.

5) Added a sleep mode option.

6) Added a hotel fii option (where you can redirect part of the capacity to pay for electricity, equipment placement or pay for miners' maintenance).

7) Added recalculation of the minimum hash rate if one or more cards have not been initialized.

8) Changed the operating mode of coolers when they are converted to 100% for 5 degrees from the critical temperature (it was -10).

9) Added a signature for complete security against virus penetration, with full ability to roll back to the stock firmware without a SD card, while leaving access to SSH for full access to your hardware and complete decentralization (SSH is disabled by default).

10) For those who unfortunately suffered from anti-build, we made a block so that your hash is not taken away.

11) Added a unique PROTECTION on the hardware level, to protect against anti-build and all similar viruses forever.

1) Modified, improved and accelerated the work of autotune.
2) Added an option that ignores the minimum profile voltage.
3) Fixed confused data entry in the auto change section.
4) renamed fan rpm check to “immersion mode” and moved to the settings section.

1) General stability, revision and refactoring of the driver.
2) Improved the display of the hash rate of chips.
3) Fixed the display of the current time zone in regional settings.
4) Made small changes to the web interface design.
5) Added new profiles: S17 - 55th, 60th, 63th.
S17+ - 55th, 60th, 62th, 68th, 74th, 80th, 88th.
T17 - 40th.
T17+ - 40th, 48th, 55th, 63th, 68th.
6) Added automatic red domain correction function (TIMER).
7) Extended ranges of voltage search for autotuner profiles.
8) Added a function for full customization of the manual auto-tuning of the miner.
9) Implemented a smooth change in the speed of coolers during the initialization of the miner (without a sharp jump).
10) Added protection for breaking the chain of chips to prevent equipment failure.
11) Added transfer of the miner to the “emergency” cooling mode in case of “loss” of one of the miner's temperature sensors.
12) Added processing of erroneous data from temperature sensors.
13) The Log has been improved, now the status of the miner has become clearer and more detailed.
14) Implemented saving all miner's logs even in the event of a complete reboot.
15) And most importantly, your miner will forget about overheating, bringing you maximum profit thanks to the function of automatic switching of autotuner profiles with a flexible system of settings to adapt the miner to changes in ambient temperature. Switching profiles is carried out by setting the temperature range and fan speeds for (automatic mode).
16) Added a trigger for the maximum number of miner reboots in the event of a board failure.
17) Improved the algorithm for controlling the speed of coolers (smooth transition from manual to automatic mode without failures).
18) Fixed a bug with setting the voltage in manual mode.
19) Fixed checking the minimum hash rate (triggered when the value of 0 is disabled in the config).
20) Added output of information for all successfully tuned profiles.
21) Added protection of the miner against hashrate theft by viruses.
22) The start mode at low temperatures is activated only when the silent mode is on (silent start).
23) Added a trigger that allows you to disable the heating (preheating) function of the chips.
24) Fixed a bug when, during firmware, the speed of coolers is set to 100% in manual mode.

1) General stability, code refactoring to make it easier to add support for other models and refinement of the main driver.
2) A new way of reading temperature sensors has been written.
3) Automatic switching to a lowered profile when the miner overheats.
4) Automatic switching to a lowered profile if it is impossible to tune the specified profile.

1) General stability.
2) Correction of profile parameters for S17 / T17.
3) Improved support for nicehash (extranonce subscribe).
4) Added trigger to disable / enable voltage setting check (cold start).
5) Added trigger to disable / enable domain imbalance check.
6) Added the function of Automatic holding of the temperature of the chips (a new proprietary way of adjusting the fans, the speed has been significantly reduced).
7) Implemented support for "quiet" start of the miner.
8) Automatic transfer of the miner to the warm-up mode when starting in cold conditions.
9) Added accounting for dead chips during autotune.
10) Improved and significantly reduced the launch time of the miner.
11) Added saving chips / autotune result for subsequent manual pre-tuning.
12) Added a check for all types of viruses that we know about today.
13) All functionality has been added to the config multiplier section.
14) Activated time zone tasks.
15) Added Estimated power consumption by the miner (wattmeter).
16) The status of the miner (its API) is available immediately at startup after 15 seconds.

1) Minor improvements to stability and driver
2) Fixes connecting to Nicehash pool
3) Fixes for connecting to the pool
4) Fixes for connecting to the Ukrpool pool
5) Fixed the connection to the Warphash pool

1) The work of auto-tune has been improved and completely corrected
2) The algorithm for regulating the voltage of the chips has been completely rewritten
3) Improved method for controlling domain imbalance
4) Adjusted and fully customized profiles.
5) Added compatibility with BTC Tools version 1.2.6
6) Fixed a bug in the multiplier config when multiplying workers
7) Added support for NiceHash pool
8) Added support for WarpHash pool
9) Checked and fixed stability of work with the EMCD pool

1. General stability
2. Improvement and Refactoring of the main driver.
3. Another iteration of revision and improvement of errors (HW)
4. Loss of hash rate on some pools was analyzed and corrected.
5. Added support for p2p pool.
6. Activated the multiplier for distributing bulk configs.
7. Carried out work with reading I2C temperature sensors.
8. Created more than 10 overclocking profiles.
9. Added autotune. (note, the results of autotune are saved in a separate config, when changing a profile to a new one and returning to the previous profile, a second autotune is not required, except for a forced retune by the user). After completing the tuning, temporarily edits by chips in the manual gui section are not displayed.
10. Autotune is made in a separate log in the profiles section.
11. Automatic reboot in case of domain imbalance to save chips from burnout.
12. Added manual downgrade of the entire domain.

1) Overall stability
2) Finalization of the main driver
3) Compatible with BTC tools version
4) Added manual chip control function
(Section Chain Freq settings, for each board you can massively understand the frequency on red and orange chips through the function -1 Red, -1 Orange)
5) Work has been done on HW

1) Overall stability
2) Refactoring the driver code
3) smoothing the display of xp in the miner status
4) finalization of the automatic mode of fans
5) Added support for light bulbs:
- When mines blinking green
- When there are errors glowing red

1) Fixed overall stability
2) Driver revision
3) Added the option to select an individual frequency for each blade
4) Included config multiplier
5) Enabled bulk password change

1) Removed the power surge at start.
2) Made a smoother increase in frequency
3) Made a smoother decrease in voltage
4) Finalized the driver for the pro version
5) Added a mode for disabling the fan check for (immersion)
6) Added the option to unload the kernel log
7) Added an option to select a server fii

The firmware for Antminer S17 / T17 0.9.1-alpha visually has a similar interface that is familiar to you in terms of functionality.

What is not in the alpha version:
1) profiles
2) chip autotune
3) immersion mode
4) reboot by x
5) by paid voltage
6) temperature retention
7) change voltage on the fly

Technical Support

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