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Are you looking to profit from the lucrative operation of cryptocurrency mining computers? Do you need access to experts with years of experience building and maintaining crypto mining hardware and software? You’ve come to the right place.

Cryptomine has been successfully working alongside business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world to create efficient, sophisticated mining ventures in residential and commercial settings. Apply to our waitlist to make sure you work with a team that truly cares about your success and profitability.


Bitcoin Mining In Canada

Bitcoin mining in Canada is an excellent investment choice for savvy entrepreneurs and business owners due to many factors including favorable electricity costs, cool winter temperatures, and close proximity to established tech manufacturers.

Cryptomine has positioned itself to become the #1 cryptocurrency mining company in Canada. To date we have completed 14 commercial, and 35 residential bitcoin mining projects with a 100% profitability rate.

Mining rigs for professionals

Our clients come from all walks of life, but one thing they have in common is they all take their business seriously. Mining rigs are created to save our customers time and headaches.


Cryptocurrency Mining Containers

A cryptocurrency mining container is a retrofitted shipping container specially designed to support bitcoin mining equipment. Apply to our wait-list to get your very own cryptocurrency mining container.

Cryptocurrency Consulting services

Do you already have a crypto mining setup but would like a second opinion on systems and procedures? Our crypto operations manager does in-depth consultations via phone, internet or on site.

End-to-end encryption

All our communications, computers and remote monitoring systems use cutting edge cyber security protocols with full end-to-end encryption so you know both your data and investment are secure.

Profitable Cryptocurrency Mining.

Cryptocurrency is the future

Even in it’s infancy, Bitcoin and the array of alt coins that make up the crypto market have created more millionaires in a shorter amount of time than at any other point in history. 

Cryptocurrency mining is fundamental to growing and advancing blockchain as a whole. By design, this unstoppable technology handsomely rewards the brave souls and calculated risk-takers who contribute to these early stages of crypto mining.

Decades ago, the pioneers of the internet we’re laughed at when they told the masses that we would all eventually be connected to a worldwide web of digital information available at our fingertips. 

Companies like Apple and Microsoft are now household names for achieving exactly what no one thought was possible.

Blockchain technologies like cryptocurrency, encrypted ledger systems and decentralized governance models are currently being scoffed at by the mainstream, but early adopters see cryptographic assets as the next step in the development of the internet.

We’re proud to call ourselves a vital part of the blockchain community and consider it our mission to help our clients profit from cryptocurrency mining.

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Cryptocurrency Mining Experts


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Bitcoin Mining Professionals - The Names Behind Our Success

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We believe blockchain technology is the digital ecosystem of the future. We’ve built connections with some of the biggest names in the industry to help grow awareness and provide our clients with the best system integrations possible.

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