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Bitcoin mining investors regularly choose Cryptomine to handle their projects because of our experience and professionalism. Apply to become a client today by filling out a custom quote form via our contact page, we can provide you with the best technological strategies, products and solutions for all of your unique business needs.

We also do on-site inspections to arm you with the best ways to set up your environment for bitcoin mining.

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We believe blockchain technology is the digital ecosystem of the future. We’ve built connections with some of the biggest names in the industry to help grow awareness and provide our clients with the best system integrations possible.

Cryptocurrency Mining - FAQ

Before we can provide an initial quote, we need to decide on the hardware that will be purchased, what available space you have, and determine how to optimize your environment for a setup. You will need to join our waitlist and fill out a form, once you have done that we will email you a quote or call you if we need more information.

We setup mining rigs for the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Zcash (ZEC), Lbry (LBC), Pascal (PASC), Decred (DCR), and Monero (XMR). We can further discuss in consultation which coins will be the most profitable for you depending on your setup.

We have recently began offering hosting services to mine more profitably, alleviate stress from clients and serve a larger demographic. If you are interested in cryptocurrency mining hosting please fill out our contact form to be added to our waitlist.

Factory Warranty provided, and ongoing support for a reasonable monthly fee.

Our systems are designed to squeeze out every ounce of profit possible. Cryptocurrency mining can be VERY profitable when done at scale with automated currency selection, proper miner/overclocking software installation, and high-capacity GPU hardware usage.

You will need to get the most effective and energy efficient hardware. The mining environment has to be cool temperature with effective heat dissipation. And we have to ensure steady electricity and put battery backup systems in place to minimize any potential downtime. In our consultation, we will recommend the top-tier equipment for you to get the best results.

Our turnkey cryptocurrency mining containers are all the rage among serious investors, although we do design smaller systems for specific clients upon qualification. 

If you are brand new to the concept of cryptocurrency mining, you should refer to our blog articles for beginners, designed to get you started in the space. Although we do encourage home-based experimentation, currently hobby farming isn’t as profitable as using mining hosting services, so we recommend mining hosting to all newcomers.

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